Monday 29 June 2009

June in London, is the best time to travel

Although every month and every season in London has its own special beauty which tourists can not forget, but there are certain months which should be avoided if you are planning to come to the city with the purpose of having a good time and to tour the whole city.

As a London resident, I suggest you to visit London on June, is the best time to travel. You will experience lesser rain during this month, and you probably get the most sunshine day in your travel. It is the best time to roam around the streets of London, savoring the relaxing fresh air, and the hint of fragrance in it from the wild flowers.

LondonThe Weather on June in London:
Average High: 20°C;
Average Low: 13°C;
Average daily sunshine increases to 7 hours;
Sunset around 21:00, the longest daytime in the year.
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  1. Hallo, I from Nigeria. Coming in London in September. What weather I'll find in London? Hot or cold, sunny? There will be rain? Best Regards, Abah, Abuja, Nigeria

  2. Hi there, welcome to London in September.
    Here in September, usually it is not cold yet, but for you from Nigeria, it will be quite COOL, so prepare a jacket, even a bit heavier.
    About the weather, too early to tell you the details, generally in one day, you will experience sunshine, raining, blowing and cloudy.
    haha... this is the real London!