Sunday 16 September 2012

Italian villages

Small towns with fascinating colors and unforgettable flavors...

Italy has a new recipe to climb the ranks of the World Tourism Organization. The new recipe is "The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy". Just over 200 are those surveyed by this special 'club' sponsored by italian Anci. This mini-travel guide is dedicated to these areas as small as rich of typical food, breathtaking landscapes, medieval towns with castles and towers.

Welcome to the South

A Torre Normanna in an Italian small villageAmong the "most beautiful villages in Italy" there are also Castellabate, the town in the province of Salerno, Campania, where it was shot the famous film "Welcome to the South" ("Benvenuti al Sud"), and Nusco, the village of the famous former Italian premier Ciriaco De Mita. Those who love good drinks, such as grappa and prosecco will love Portofubbolé, a small village in the province of Treviso, which Italian Wikipedia page describes as "a real gem in historical and artistic terms."
The northernmost Italian village is Vipiteno, Trentino Alto Adige, a region that has a total of seven villages of excellence. The southernmost is Castelmola, Sicily, the village well known for its almond wine.

Italian villages in Umbria and Abruzzo, "uber alles"!

The highest concentration of "mignon" villages with extreme beauty is prerogative of the central Italy, between Tuscany (18), Marche (19), Umbria (22), Lazio (11), Abruzzo (21) and Molise (2) are 93 smalls villages on which stands the amaranth flag, eco-tourism and environmental Anci award established in 2001. If you want to organize a trip to Italian villages, this area is where you have to go.

Around Italian villages with the caravan or cycling

Cefalu, a wonderful Italian small villageThe best 'formula' to visit many of the small towns across Italy with fascinating colors and unforgettable flavors, is precisely this way of itinerant tourism: on board a camper or with a caravan, it is easier to go through the Country village by village, becoming explorers of the wonders "the Peninsula" can offer even far from the big cities and the most famous places of the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian coasts. If along with the 'mobile home', there is also a bicycle, then the exploration can become even more interesting: the most beautiful towns in the world offer endless possibilities for lovers of two wheels to make tours in small town centers, in the countryside around them or on the waterfronts that draw the skyline. The line of the sky, in these small italian villages is often characterized by towers, castles, ancient and imposing fortifications that perpetuate extraordinary beauty and timeless.

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