Saturday, 10 July 2010

Lisbon travel information

Getting to the city from the airport
- The Carris Aerobus number 91 runs every day between 07h45am and 08h45pm, connecting Lisbon Airport to the city centre. Tickets cost 1,35 euro, purchased on the bus; you can also purchase an all-day bus and tram network pass for 3,35 euro. A shuttle bus service also operates between the airport and the resorts of Estoril and Cascais.
- Taxi stands are situated outside departures and arrivals. LoveTravel advice: the meter should read 2,35 euro (daytime pick-up) or 2,50 euro (at night) at the start of the ride. Fares are 20% higher on weekends, holidays and at night. Some taxis will charge extra for luggage. Some metered taxis will try to take a longer route to the city centre, but rides should take less than 15 minutes for a five mile (7km) ride.

An hotel to remember
Hotel Tivoli Lisboa
Av. da Liberdade, 185
1269-050 LISBOA

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  1. Be very careful, taxi drivers in Lisbon often cheat the tourists, inventing additional charges.
    If you are not sure about what is happening with your driver, just refuse to pay him - simple as that - and ask to your taxi driver to call the police.
    If you take a taxi to go to your hotel, and the driver asking too much money, just involve the person at the reception of your hotel, asking him to check if the charge requested have sense or not.

  2. I confirm. I live and work in Lisbon, Portugal. A taxi ride from airport to city center costs NO MORE THAN 8-10 EURO. Every different bigger amount is probably a cheat. Remember it. Maria from Lisbon.