Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Great Greek islands

GreecePLAN your summer trip with LoveTravel's guide, to the best islands in Greece.

In reality, there is no such thing as "best Greek islands". One would definitely find a paradise among the 3000 islands of Greece. Searching is most of the fun of course, here is a list to start with.

SANTORINI (Thera): the combination of breathtaking topography and culture automatically elevate Santorini to a favorite destination. The island's popularity is probably its only flaw. Visiting in May or early June is better to avoid the crowds. Staying at a hotel in Santorini in Ia, or in Fira atop the volcanic caldera is also imperative. The views are unforgettable. Good beaches (Perissa, and Red beach), a great museum of prehistoric art, a unique excavation site at Akrotiri, and the legend of Atlantis would keep any visitors happy.

CORFU: the famous island is green and beautiful but can get very busy in high season. Exploring neoclassical Corfu Town is like getting lost in a museum.
In Corfu island, Lakones is a place where is the very good views and walks; Agios Stefanos and Kerasia are the best beaches in Corfu.

ZAKYNTHOS: the rugged beach-and-cliff west coast is very beautiful; the east coast is overdeveloped. Endangered loggerhead turtles nest in the south-east, sharing beaches with resorts. Stay north, near the dramatic Shipwreck Beach.
Zakynthos Town is rebuilted in original Venetian style after 1953 earthquake.

KYTHIRA: in the Greek imagination, Kythira is as far away as a traveller can go. Here Aphrodite first rose from the sea. Visitors come for the hiking and beaches, the best of which are in the east.

SKIATHOS: exceptionally pretty beaches beneath pine-clad hills. The well-preserved old town has a vibrant waterfront.

SKOPELOS: only slowly being discovered by tourists, the island still feels quiet and Greek with its pretty harbour town, plum and almond orchards, and numerous pebble beaches.

ALONNISOS: a sleepy pine-covered island, the largest of 25 (the others are uninhabited) in the National Marine Park of Alonnisos-Northern Sporades, which protects Mediterranean monk seals. Has waht may be the earliest evidence of humanity in the Aegean.

CRETE: a world unto itself, this large island has glittering resorts (at Elounda) and mountain villages wehre even other Greeks are considered foreigners. For the best overview, head west to the port of Chania, with its lively harbour and well-preserved Venetian architecture, then south into the White Mountains.

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